All classifications of sight glass

According to the different characteristics of the product, it can contain many categories, including the pipeline sight glass used on the pipeline and the container sight glass used on the equipment. The common ones under the pipeline sight glass are glass tube type and straight through type, and the container includes subbranch, such as light sight glass and neck sight glass. How to choose a suitable sight glass?According to different points, there are different classifications.

  1. According to the pressure rate, it can be divided into normal pressure sight glass, low pressure sight glass, medium pressure sight glass, high pressure sight glass.

The normal pressure of the sight glass generally means that the working pressure is lower than the standard atmospheric pressure; Low pressure sight glass generally refers to the nominal pressure is less than 1.6MPa; Medium pressure sight glass generally refers to the nominal pressure is less than 1.6MPa-2.5MPa; Due to the limitation of the anti-pressure, the high pressure sight glass is very rare.

  1. According to the operating temperature, it can be divided into normal temperature, medium temperature and high temperature sight glass.

Normal temperature is generally -40-100; The medium temperature is 0-425; The high temperature is 0-800 view mirror. Because the window glass material is different, the product in the use of temperature generally depends on which kind of window glass to take.

  1. Classification is based on the connection mode

According to the installation and connection mode of the sight glass, it can be divided into flange, welding, double-sided thread, clip, clamp and other styles. Double-sided screw sight glass, is a straight through screw connection mirror, because of the double-sided window named double-sided screw mirror. Thread is divided into internal thread and external thread, so there are double-sided internal thread mirror and double-sided external thread mirror difference, there are two kinds of clamping type and single pressure type in the style, according to the actual use of the situation can be selected respectively.

  1. Classification is according to the main material

Non-metallic materials are generally glass fiber reinforced plastic, plastic, PTFE, etc. Metal materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel and so on.

  1. Common categories

The most commonly used classification or to work position, structure style to be divided, which is the most common, such as used in the pipeline or container

Because there are many kinds of sight glass, so different sight glasses, the role is also different, in the choice of sight glass, to try to understand the different role of different sight glass.