Design specifications and technical parameters of Four-Way Cross Sight Glass

In the production process of industrial products, the flow indicator needs to be strictly controlled to ensure the safety of product quality and production. The design and production of Four-Way Cross Sight Glass should be strictly controlled by relevant specifications, as follows.

  1. The design, manufacture and inspection of direct view mirror shall be in accordance with the relevant specifications and standards of pressure vessel GB 150-2011.
  2. The sight glasses shall be inspected in accordance with GB/T 23259-2009 for pressure vessels, including appearance quality, shape and position tolerance and various properties.
  3. Sealing gaskets for Through endoscopic should meet the requirements of HG/T 20606-2009 steel pressure vessel gaskets.
  4. The tolerance of the unmarked dimension of the machining surface shall be in accordance with the M-class accuracy requirements of GB/T 1804-2000.
  5. The distance between the center of the bolt hole of the straight through lens base and the clamping ring shall be within the allowable deviation:

A the allowable deviation of the diameter of the center circle of the screw hole and the allowable deviation of the spacing between the two adjacent holes is ±0.6mm;

B The deviation between the center of any two holes is ±1mm.

  1. When assembling the direct view mirror, the sealing gasket should have a predetermined compression rate to ensure the sealing performance.
  2. After the direct vision mirror is assembled, the hydrostatic test shall be carried out according to 1.5 times of nominal pressure and the pressure shall be maintained for a period of time according to the actual situation.
  3. Control the temperature of the flushing water close to the operating temperature of the direct lens during the flushing operation; Do not spray hot glasses with cold water to avoid glass breakage.
  4. The working temperature of the mirror with spotlights should consider the temperature rise caused by spotlights.
  5. Correct welding process should be selected when welding the lens base with the container wall. Other parts of the pressure straight lens can be removed for welding to ensure that the lens glass and sealing pad will not overheat and cause distortion.