Installation and use of quartz glass tube level gauge

1. Color level gauge is a precision instrument, in transportation, handling, unpacking, installation should be carefully put, do not hit, beating, prevent quartz glass tube and color filter broken. Read the instructions carefully before installation.
2. Before installation, it should be considered that the color filter is in a strong natural light source (southeast direction) and the observation position is cheaper. If the direction of the color filter and observation position needs to be adjusted, the large hexagonal nut at both ends should be loosened and tightened. The color level gauge has been 1.5 times the working pressure before leaving the factory, the user shall not disassemble the quartz tube without authorization, and the quartz tube shall not be disassembled in the adjustment of the color filter position. Due to the transportation vibration, the user has the premise of equipment can be 1.5 times the working pressure hydraulic test before installation.
3. After the upper and lower flanges (threads) of the quartz glass tube level gauge are connected to the container, if the liquid in the container is high temperature, the quartz tube should be preheated for half an hour before formal operation, so as not to burst the quartz tube. When used, first slowly open the upper and lower valves, so that the liquid scour the glass tube wall. When the liquid in the container enters the liquid level gauge to boost the pressure, the color display may not be clear, because the liquid in the container is not clean or the pressure is unstable, the liquid fluctuation caused by temporary phenomenon, such as stable can clearly show the liquid level.
4. When the liquid level gauge is in normal operation, the valve stem is withdrawn from many 4 turns (to prevent the steel ball from touching the top of the valve stem) to ensure the automatic sealing of the steel ball.
5. Quartz glass pipe level gauge should be regularly washed quartz glass pipe cleaning agent and chromic acid flushing, sewage. Color filter can be removed and cleaned, so as not to affect the red and green display.