Super pressure resistant sight glass

Quartz glass, tempered borosilicate glass (high borosilicate) can not meet the demand of high pressure blasting, the basic mystery is that the chemical composition of glass produced by glass is not enough to produce high enough mechanical strength, so it can not meet the use of precise blasting.

The bending strength of quartz glass is 35-50mpa, and the bending strength of borosilicate glass after tempered is 90-150mpa.

Bending strength of ultra-high pressure viewing mirror glass: LG5016=510Mpa(for use below 40Mpa), LG1935=610Mpa(for use between 40-120mpa)

We have designed a set of high precision calculation formula, can accurately calculate the thickness of glass and tempering temperature, so as to accurately control the glass burst pressure.

The types of high-pressure glass bursting discs are: 15Mpa, 20Mpa, 30Mpa, 40Mpa, 50Mpa, 60Mpa, 70Mpa, 80Mpa and so on.

Commonly used diameter specifications are: D100mm, D118, D120, D123, D136mm, D140, D142, D145, D153mm, D250mm, etc., can also be customized according to customer needs required specifications.