Types of Sight Glasses

1, Boiler Sight Glass, pressure vessel glass mirror: This kind of mirror is mainly used for all kinds of observation holes, relatively small size, shape is usually round, square, thickness of 2-50mm, used in all kinds of chemical industry, pressure vessel, electric power, medicine, boiler and so on as the observation window.
2, Sight Flow Indicator, petroleum, chemical pipeline glass mirror, mainly used for acid and alkali concentration is relatively high, the temperature change is relatively large, the glass is required to have good pressure resistance, heat shock ability, generally used in high pressure containers, petroleum, chemical, nuclear power plant and other places with high requirements for glass mirror.
3, Level Gauge Sight Glass, level gauge glass mirror: used for a variety of liquid level or oil level observation, mainly flat type, trough type level gauge glass, prism glass, dual color water level gauge glass, working temperature: 200 DEG C -1200 DEG C, temperature depends on the material: working pressure: 1-30mpa. The pressure depends on the material, thickness and specification.
4, Full View Sight Glass, tube glass mirror: high temperature glass tube is widely used in medical devices, water treatment, food hygiene, chemical pipeline, lamp manufacturing, etc., because this series of products have strong pressure resistance, good thermal stability, corrosion resistance, high light transmission, conventional thickness: 1-10mm, conventional outer diameter: 15-200mm, temperature resistance: 500℃, 1500℃, length can be cut according to customer requirements.