Oil sight glasses

Oil sight glasses, also known as oil level indicators or oil level sight glasses, are commonly used in air compressors to visually monitor the oil level in the compressor's crankcase or reservoir.

These sight glasses typically consist of a transparent or translucent tube or window installed on the side of the compressor housing or reservoir. The oil level inside the compressor can be easily observed through this window, allowing operators to quickly check if the oil level is within the recommended range.

Maintaining the proper oil level in an air compressor is crucial for its efficient operation and longevity. Too much or too little oil can cause damage to the compressor components and affect its performance. The oil sight glass provides a simple and convenient way for operators to ensure that the compressor has the correct amount of oil at all times.

Regularly monitoring the oil level through the sight glass and topping up or changing the oil as needed is an essential part of air compressor maintenance, helping to prevent downtime and costly repairs.