Alumino-Silicate Glass

Alumino-silicate glass is mainly composed of Si-Ca-Al-Mg and other alkali metal oxides through a scientific ratio combination, in which the content of K2O+Na2O ≤0.3%, belongs to the non-alkali aluminum silicate glass system, after high temperature tempering treatment with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other excellent physical and chemical properties, is a variety of high pressure glass window excellent material.It is mainly used in power plant, petrochemical, nuclear power plant, deep-sea exploration equipment and other kinds of high temperature and high pressure steam package on the high pressure water level gauge glass window.
Color: colorless or slightly yellow
Shape: circular, rectangular
Density: 2.62–2.67 g/cm3
Transmissivity: 91.8%
Refractive index: 1.5325 (yellow)
Shock temperature: ≤ 370 °C
Softening temperature: ≥ 920 °C
Bending strength: 240–300 MPa
Max working temperature: 550 °C
Resistant pressure:1Mpa-32.0Mpa
round sight glass:diameter:8mm-300mm
Rectangle sight glass:8mm*8mm-300mm*300mm
Linear gauge level glass:Max length 400mm