How to produce borosilicate glass

High borosilicate glass is a kind of outstanding glass material, which is characterized by cleanliness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is a kind of special glass commonly used at present.Of course, the emergence of high borosilicate glass is also inseparable from its advanced processing technology, high borosilicate glass is mainly the following nine ways.
(1) blowing: the use of pipe dipping liquid high borosilicate glass raw materials, under the action of air pressure is eaten out of the molding, will use a mold to define the shape of high borosilicate glass, is a high borosilicate glass rapid prototyping.
(2) pressing: pressing process is mainly on the ground of high borosilicate glass carving, embossing.Generally speaking, a special roller embossing machine will be used to suppress it.
(3) casting: the introduction of high borosilicate glass raw material in the molten state into the mold, casting a specific shape, is a relatively common way of processing high borosilicate glass.
(4) Sintering: sintering processing technology is mainly for glass powder raw material processing, the solid glass powder in the mold of high temperature baking molding, common sintering processing glass including high borosilicate glass crafts and foam high borosilicate glass.
(5) melting: most of the ball shaped high borosilicate glass products will be processed by melting, the process is to let the melting state of high borosilicate glass gradually condensed under the action of surface tension, and then forming.
(6) color glaze: color glaze is a surface decoration processing technology, mainly using high temperature color glaze on the surface of high borosilicate glass coating, so that it has a specific color and pattern.
(7) Stack firing: stack firing is a technology that burns and sticks together multi-layer independent high borosilicate glass sheets after high temperature action.This technique is commonly used in the manufacture of multilayer and insulating glass.
(8) hot melt: the flat type of high borosilicate glass melting, and then sunken into the mold of a technology is hot melt.
(9) hot bending: hot bending processing of high borosilicate glass is mainly to highlight a kind of bending feeling of high borosilicate glass, the general principle is to burn high borosilicate glass soft and then make it naturally sagging.