What’s the AG glass?

  Anti-glare glass, is a special processing of the glass surface, normally the glass is etched in specific chemical liquid, so it is also called etched glass.  It is characterized by making the reflective surface of the original glass become matte surface without reflection.  The principle is to double or single side of high quality glass through special processing.  Compared with ordinary glass, it has a lower reflection ratio, and the reflectivity of light is reduced from 8% to less than 1%, creating a clear and transparent visual effect with technology, so that viewers can experience a better sensory vision. 

  1,According to the transmittance, it can be divided into: single-sided ordinary grade, double-sided ordinary grade, single-sided high transmittance grade, double-sided high transmittance grade;

  2, according to the use is divided into: single-side screen level, double-side screen level, touch high screen level, ordinary instrument level, precision instrument level, engineering level, etc.