Installing cautions of sight glass

Sight glass is a kind of glass installed in pressure vessels, high temperature equipment or corroded chemical pipelines. It is necessary to master certain methods to install such products. The wrong way and method will greatly affect the service life of glass and cause unnecessary losses to users

First of all, do a good job of cleaning. In the process of factory packaging or transportation, the mirror glass will be directly or indirectly exposed to dust, and some stubborn dust will be directly adsorbed on the outer surface of the glass. Therefore, before use, you can use an appropriate amount of alcohol cotton to gently wipe the surface (do not use acidic liquid to clean, which will corrode the outer surface of the glass).

Secondly, the gasket should be selected correctly. Where the ambient working temperature is less than 280 degrees, asbestos pad or tetrafluoride pad with the same specifications can be used on both front and back sides of the glass. Note: the thicker the glass, the thickness of the gasket selected should increase accordingly

When the ambient working temperature exceeds 500, it is recommended to choose graphite gasket. There are many kinds of graphite gasket, and glass mirror matching use, it is best to choose flexible graphite gasket, gasket thickness is different according to the diameter of glass and thickness, commonly used thickness is generally 3 mm.

Glass glasses have different hardness due to different materials and models. Do not use excessive or excessive force during installation. You are advised to use even force to tighten the screws in diagonal mode.

The physical and chemical stability of glass mirrors with the same material varies greatly in different working environments. Therefore, after the installation of glass goggles, it is necessary to perform regular inspection, especially in the liquid environment containing acid and alkali, to check the corrosion degree of the glass surface regularly to ensure the safety of front-line operators.