Application of high borosilicate glass

High borosilicate glass is a kind of material with strong thermal stability, low expansion rate and high mechanical strength. It has been widely used in various high temperature places and has played a very good effect. High borosilicate glass is now the outstanding representative of the high temperature resistant glass, high borosilicate glass is also under continuous progress and improvement, has been more excellent performance effect. High borosilicate glass is used more occasions is the industrial environment, but in fact, our life paper is also widely used in high borosilicate glass.

(1) In the household appliance industry, the appearance rate of high borosilicate glass is relatively high. Household oven glass, microwave oven glass and tray, as well as the fireplace and so on are actually made of high borosilicate glass.

(2) The chemical industry is also more favored for high borosilicate glass. Many chemical and chemical operations need to be carried out in a high temperature environment, so we need to use high borosilicate glass to make pipes and containers. At the same time, because the chemical properties of high borosilicate glass are relatively stable, it is not easy to be corroded, so the chemical reaction kettle and lining type materials will use high borosilicate glass.

(3) High borosilicate glass is also widely used in the production of lighting bulbs, the use of special high borosilicate glass can prevent the lamp explosion because of the high temperature of the filament, very reassuring.

(4) In the field of solar power generation, high borosilicate glass is also relatively high, high borosilicate glass can be used as a kind of battery substrate, to ensure that, improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency, which is bound to have a broader world in the future.

(5) In some precision mechanical production process will also use some high borosilicate glass. Because the expansion rate of high borosilicate glass is very low, it has higher accuracy and stability when it is used in practice. Naturally, it is also commonly used in various precision optical instruments.