Sapphire Glass

Sapphire glass for observation window or screen protector

Sapphire glass is now gradually used in pressure observation window, dangerous situation monitoring instrument, deep-water pressure environment instrument and oilfield, coal mine and other occasions.

Our sapphire glass products can be coating treatment, screen printing treatment or special heat treatment according to customer requirements, to adapt to customer's special needs.

Sapphire window is suitable for ultra high pressure environment.

Compared with tempered glass and other pressure-resistant glass products, sapphire can be thinner under the same pressure environment, effectively reducing the volume of the instrument.

Generally, sapphire can withstand 10MPa of pressure per 5mm thickness.Of course, specific application is still affected by window diameter, use temperature, flange installation.

Our products are used by many petroleum instrument manufacturers in the oil exploitation, drilling industry, product quality is highly recognized.

Shape molding: CNC or laser.

Product thickness range: thickness 0.2-100mm.

Product finish after polishing: 80/50, 60/40, 40/20 (US army standard).

Surface parallelism: less than 20 arc seconds.


Sapphire tube is generally used for high temperature, pressure, corrosion level observation.