Soda-lime glass

Soda – lime glass is the most normal form of glass manufacture. It is composed of about 70.5 percent silica (silicon dioxide), 15.5 percent soda (sodium oxide), and 9 percent lime (calcium oxide), the rest is smaller amounts of various other compounds.
Soda – lime glass is made on a big percent and used for bottles, drinking cup , and windows. light transmission properties and low melting temperature of the soda-lime glass, the most important is the lowest price make it suitable for use as industry glass and window glass, etc . Its smooth and non-reactive surface makes it excellent as containers for sight glass.
Normally, the manufacture use float glass as the raw glass for circular sight glass. For increasing the sight glass strength, the finished glass is often to be tempered and annealed Thickness:10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm.
We always inquiry many details about the sight glass before making ,such as work temperature,pressure,medium,etc.