How to make fireplace glass

   Fireplace glass is a kind of widely used high temperature resistant glass, and its high temperature resistance performance is also one of the best among many glasses now. At the same time, fireplace glass is also a kind of glass used more in our daily life, such as ovens, microwave ovens and so on, and will use fireplace glass. Fireplace glass is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable structure.

  Raw material: any glass in the production of time is to first carry out the ratio of raw materials, according to the corresponding finished product raw material formula to match, to meet the material purity requirements of fireplace glass.

  Dissolving: the fireplace glass material is dissolving at a high temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius, and then mixing it. After fully mixing, we can process it.

  Molding: The key tool to be used in the molding process is the mold, which is used to plastic the fireplace glass to make it have a specified shape.

  Polishing: the polishing of fireplace glass is obviously different from the general mechanical polishing, the polishing technology of fireplace glass is the use of fire polishing, that is, the thermal reaction of oxygen furnace to its surface processing.

  Cooling: the fireplace glass under high temperature is placed at room temperature for slow cooling, so that the fireplace glass can initially have a stable shape, and in the process we can remove the stress of the fireplace glass.

  Detection: for the production of good fireplace glass we also want to carry on the quality of the detection, the way of sampling survey to test the nature of the fireplace glass in all aspects, and then the qualified rate of the product to do a good record.

  Packaging: the fireplace glass to meet the needs of the market after packaging, and then transport to the hands of customers, so that the life cycle of the fireplace glass is complete.