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The mystery of the alkali resistance of mica glass is due to a base material to make glass belongs to acidic silica, easy to acid-base reaction with alkali solution, a child prodigy researchers by reducing the content of silica, and added a lot of rare earth alkali metal oxide, including lanthanum oxide, yttrium oxide, alumina, zirconia, zinc oxide, barium oxide, such as alkaline earth metal oxide, through scientific formula, The material structure density, bending strength, hardness and other technical indicators of glass have been greatly improved. Young's modulus has reached 11280N/mm2, alkali corrosion resistance ≤0.16mg/cm2, and bending strength has reached 420 ~ 450Mpa, far exceeding the level of 3.2mg/cm2 of high pressure aluminum-silicon glass. The performance is fully improved 20 times, the pressure performance is also improved 2 ~ 3 times than the high pressure aluminum-silicon glass, meet the temperature 600℃ below the high temperature and high pressure alkali corrosion of all kinds of pressure vessel Windows.
Alkali-resistant mica glass is mainly composed of Si-Al-La-Y-Zr and other alkali metal oxides through the combination of scientific ratio, in which the content of K2O+Na2O ≤0.08%, after high temperature tempering treatment with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other excellent physical and chemical properties, is an excellent material for all kinds of ultra-high pressure glass Windows. Alkali-resistant mica glass is more resistant to high temperature, high pressure and greater compression strength than alkali-free alumina-silicon glass.
It is mainly used in power plant, petrochemical, nuclear power plant, deep-sea exploration equipment and other kinds of high temperature and high pressure steam package on the high pressure water level gauge glass window.
Basic performance:
1. Melting point: 1700℃
2. Expansion coefficient (0--300℃) : 40--63*10-6K
3. Density: 3.42g/cm3
4. Tg = = 872 ℃ 808 ℃ Ts
5. Long-term service temperature: ≤600 ℃
6. Torsional ratio (refractive index) : 1.670
7. Bending strength: 420-450mpa
8. Acid resistance: A1 grade alkali resistance: A1 grade
9. Alkali corrosion resistance: ≤0.0016mg/cm2
10.Young's modulus: 11280N/MM2

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