Borosilicate Glass Tube

Tubular borosilicate glass can be used in tanks, boilers, reservoirs, flow reading equipment and much more. The borosilicate glass construction makes the tubular high pressure glass durable enough to hold up to high pressure, high temperatures and even corrosive chemicals.


Temperature resistance:250℃

Color: transparent clear

Transmittance: 91%

Density: 2.23 g/cm3

Morris hardness: 7

Composition content: Boron: 12.5~13.5%, silicon: 78~80%

Shape: Round, Square with holes, uncommon shape etc.

Modulus of elasticity:63•103N•mm-2

Poisson's ratio: 0.18

Tensile strengt: 4.8x107pa(N/M2)

Compressive strength: (0-300) 3.3±0.1×10-6K-1

Thermal conductivity: 1.2W•m-1•k-1

Annealing point: 560°C

Softening point: 820±10°C

Electrical resistivity:>1018 Ωm

Dielectric constant: 4.6 1 MHz, 25

Water resistance: ISO719 HGB Level 1

Acid resistance: ISO195 HGB Level 1

Alkali resistanceISO695 HGB Level 2