Cautions of sight glass application

Before selecting the sight glass, you need to select the advantages and disadvantages of the material of the sight glass and customize the sight glass. There are different materials such as stainless steel, PP, carbon steel and so on. Stainless steel has the advantages of beauty, oxidation resistance and so on. PP material is relatively light, has the advantages of non-toxic, tasteless, has good thermal stability and chemical properties. Carbon steel has the advantages of high hardness and wear resistance.

The glass of the sight glass has different materials. Quartz glass has good resistance to high temperature and high pressure, and high borosilicate glass has good corrosion resistance. The temperature range of different glasses is as follows:

Temperature range:

The maximum permissible temperature of soda-lime glass is 150, and the temperature varies sharply from 120 to 20.

The maximum permissible temperature of tempered borosilicate glass is 280, and the temperature varies sharply from 230 to 20.

The maximum permissible temperature of quartz glass is 800, and the temperature varies sharply from 500 to 20.

Sealing styles are mainly protruding surface (RF), concave and convex surface (MFM), tenon groove surface (TG), full plane (FF).

The price of glass tube sight glass is high, the working condition of the environment is bad, not toxic and harmful chemicals, or all kinds of corrosive acid and alkali or organic solution, improper use will produce serious economic losses and serious results. The correct use and maintenance of the glasses can prolong the service life of the glass tube direct glasses, eliminate the occurrence of various accidents, and ensure the normal operation of the pipe. Therefore, the following points must be paid attention to in the application:

1, before use, carefully read the product application elucidation book.

2, according to the nameplate or clarify the rules of the pressure, temperature, using medium within the scope of application.

  1. Avoid excessive pipe stress caused by temperature change of glass tube direct view mirror, minimize temperature change, and increase u-shaped contraction section before and after the view mirror.

4, some media unstable and easy to synthesize (such as the synthesis of some media will cause the volume shrinkage of the formation of abnormal pressure conditions) will cause the valve damage or leakage, measures should be taken to eliminate or limit the factors caused by the synthesis of unstable media. In the selection of mirror, the glass tube direct mirror with automatic pressure relief installation should be selected considering the possible changes in working conditions caused by unstable media.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to change the filler for the glass tube straight lens on the pipe of toxic, flammable, explosive and highly corrosive media under pressure. Although the glass tube direct view mirror has the sealing function in the design, it is not recommended to change the packing under pressure.
  2. For pipes with self-igniting media, measures should be taken to ensure that the ambient temperature and working temperature shall not exceed the self-igniting point of the medium to avoid the risk caused by sunlight or external fire.

7, about the violent and long-term vibration of the pipeline, measures should be taken to eliminate, so as to prevent the damage of the fluoroplastic lining mirror.

  1. In the use of glass tube sight glass, the sealing surface of fluorine plastic is often damaged by medium crystallization and solid particles because of its soft texture, resulting in sealing leakage. After discovery, it is repaired or replaced in time.