Polycarbonate tube advantages

Polycarbonate advantages
(1) Its impact strength is the highest among all engineering plastics, higher than polyformaldehyde, almost 3 ~ 5 times of polyamide, and similar to phenolic resin and polyester resin reinforced with Po Li fiber.
(2) with high mechanical strength, tensile and flexural strength and polyformaldehyde, polyamide similar, elongation at break up to 90%(25 degrees Celsius). And the strength at low temperature is also increased, and it is not reduced much at high temperature.
(3) High heat resistance and cold resistance, can be used in the temperature range of +130 ~ -100 degrees Celsius for a long time. It has no obvious melting point, and its melting temperature is generally between 220 and 230 degrees Celsius, and its decomposition temperature is generally above 300 degrees Celsius. The thermal deformation temperature of 18.5 kg/cm 2 is 130 ~ 140 degrees Celsius, which is higher than that of polyformaldehyde and only lower than that of polysulfone and polyphenyl ether. The embrittlement temperature is below minus 100 degrees Celsius.
(4) the transparency is very good, the transmittance of the film can reach 89%, second only to plexiglas, and can also be colored.
(5) The product is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless.
(6) The oil resistance is very good, the sample is soaked in gasoline for three months, the weight does not change basically.
(7) can be dissolved in chlorane, in dichloromethane solubility is 0.31 g/ml, in trichloromethane is 0.1 g/ml, in tetrachloromethane is 0.33 g/ml, in benzene monochloride is 0.06 g/ml. Stupid, acetone, diethyl ether, acetic acid acetic acid and other solvents can make polycarbonate swelling, but not dissolved.
(8) very small water absorption, relative humidity of 50%, the maximum moisture absorption is 0.16%, in 23 degrees Celsius water for a week without soaking, water absorption rate is 0.4%, in boiling water for a week, water absorption rate is 0.58%.
(9) The creep value of all kinds of plastic materials is the smallest, 70 degrees Celsius, 13 mm cube, bearing 1,800 kg, 24 hours, the volume change is only 0.282%.

(10) Stable electrical performance.
(11) Good weather resistance, the product outdoors for three years, the performance has no obvious change.
(12) self-extinguishing.

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