Tips of installation of sight glass

Sight glass is a perspective window glass used under certain temperature and pressure conditions, with high transparency, stable temperature resistance, good compressive strength and other characteristics, the sight glass is mainly round and square, the size and thickness of the layout are not limited. In the purchase of sight glass, we should first determine the size and thickness of the scale, heat resistance requirements, pressure requirements and other relevant technical indicators, so as to select the appropriate products. When we install the sight glass, we need to pad the corresponding gasket first. The effect of this is to buffer the kneading force produced by the different expansion coefficient of the glass and the metal body. The body is generally made of metal materials, and the expansion coefficient of glass and it is different, the two kinds of expansion coefficient of the larger material device together, it is possible to make the glass was kneaded broken. Gasket is a kind of soft material, when the force has a certain buffer effect, the device between the glass and metal, you can well buffer the pressure caused by thermal expansion and contraction, to avoid glass fragmentation. In addition, the installation gasket also has a good sealing effect, can be a good seal between the metal and glass gap. However, because there are many types of sight glass, there are generally high temperature and high pressure resistance. In the use of sight glass at high temperature, the gaskets need to choose high temperature resistance gaskets, and the high pressure environment needs to choose high pressure resistance gaskets.