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Boiler drum electronic double color level gauge is a new generation of compound level gauge, can be used in petroleum, chemical, gold, electric power, coal, coking, paper making, pharmaceutical, steel and other fields. The main features of his products are: 1, the use of high brightness dual-color LED lamp display, clear and intuitive, liquid green, steam red, daytime visibility of 100 meters, night visibility of 300 meters.
2, the internal circuit adopts microcomputer digital processing technology, through the intelligent universal conversion circuit,
3. The panel is equipped with a menu key for user Settings, which can alarm upper and lower limits, zero range and upper and lower limits current migration Settings, and restore factory Settings with one key if setting fails.
Three, technical parameters
1, nominal pressure: 0 ~ 22M Pa (PN M Pa)
2, measuring range: 0 ~ 3500mm special specifications can be customized.
3, flange nominal diameter: DN20 DN25 special specifications should be indicated
4, medium temperature: -70DC ~ +450DC see Attached Table 1.
5, working voltage: 24VDC ~ 36VDC (two display table power supply)
6, output signal: 4 ~ 20mADC (with pictures)
Caution:Instructions to Customers when ordering
1, medium temperature
2. Measurement range
3, flange nominal diameter
4. Nominal pressure
Boiler drum magnetic plate level gauge is based on similar products at home and abroad to be digested and improved in accordance with the original ministry of chemical industry issued magnetic level gauge standard CR-603 developed and produced products. The meter can be used for the medium level detection of various towers, tanks, tanks, spherical vessels and boilers.
Based on the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling developed. When the liquid level in the measured container rises and falls, the magnetic float in the body tube of the level gauge also rises and falls. The permanent magnetic steel in the float is transferred to the magnetic flip column indicator through magnetic coupling, driving the red and white flip column to turn 180°. When the liquid level rises, the flip column changes from white to red, and when the liquid level drops, the flip column changes from red to white. The red and white junction of the indicator is the real height of the liquid level inside the container, so as to realize a clear indication of the liquid level
Measuring range: 300-1200mm
Working pressure: 0-32mpa
Output signal: 4-20mA
Accuracy grade: 0.5-1.5
Explosion-proof mark: ExibllBT5
Mounting flange: PN32MPa, DN10, DN15, DN25, PN22MPa, DN15/10, DN25, DN32
Applicable medium: liquid ammonia, methanol, copper liquid, propyl carbon liquid, desulfurization liquid and other non-corrosive polytetrafluoroethylene any medium.

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