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Silicone rubber sheet is an industrial rubber sheet made of silicone as the main raw material. It can make gaskets, washers and seals, which are mainly used in food industry, machinery industry, electronics and electrical appliances, automobile industry, chemical light industry, metal and paint and other fields.
Operating temperature: -60 ℃ -250 ℃
Thickness: 1 mm - 10 mm
Width: 1 m - 1.2 m
Silicone plate can be punched gasket, gasket, seal.
Product Features:
1,Optional thickness,
2,Color tunability
3,The simplicity of construction
4,Stability of mass
5,Good recoil
6,Excellent skid resistance
Main applications:
Silicone gasket is mainly used in food industry, machinery industry and other requirements of high temperature and shock resistant products, high voltage and high temperature resistance wire, ozone resistance and aging resistance high insulation products.
Silicone gasket for industrial sealing is in 200 degrees Celsius -250 degrees Celsius for medium and short term work, can be 300 degrees Celsius.
The dielectric property of silica gel plate is good, especially at high temperature, the dielectric property is much higher than that of general rubber
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