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Full view sight flow indicator is one of the main accessories of industrial pipeline equipment. In the pipeline of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial production devices, the mirror can observe the flow and reaction of liquid, gas, steam and other media in the pipeline at any time, so as to monitor the production and avoid the occurrence of accidents in the production process.
Full view sight flow indicator to offer them (direct view mirror) : used for drainage or slot in front of the solid flow, cooling water and other liquid tube to observe the liquid flow on the road.
Medium temperature: 200°C
The material: Stainless steel 304,316, cast, carbon steel
Connection: flange
Application: food,drink,beer,milk,chemical
Pipe thickness: 4-20mm
Bolts: A4-70
Model: DN20-DN250
Name: Flow sight glasses, neck sight glass,
Application: Various chemical pipeline
The connection form: flange
Type (channel location): Straight through
Flow direction: two-way, four-way, T style
Drive way: customized
Applicable medium: water
Pressure: 1.0-2.5Mpa
Glass material &temperature
DIN7080. borosilicate glass, max. 280°C +mica shield max 300°C
DIN8902. soda-lime glass max. 150°C
Quartz glass, max. 1000°C
Alumino-silicate glass, high pressure resistant
Seal gasket

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