What’s the industrial sight glass?

What’s the industrial sight glass?
Now a lot of industrial equipment will be equipped with sight glass, and the general sight glass has high temperature resistance, in order to adapt to the high temperature baking in industrial production scenes. The thermal and chemical stability of industrial sight glass is also quite excellent.
(1) 300 degrees depending on the sight glass: 300 degrees centigrade high temperature resistant sight glass is a kind of relatively inexpensive high temperature resistant glass, but it is below 300 degrees Celsius environment is stability and other various specifications of the high temperature dry glass as good, therefore, adopt the cost-effective industrial sight glass became the choice of many people.
(2)550 ° C sight glass: this style of sight glass can maintain good properties at 450 ° C high temperature for a long time, but also can instantly withstand 550 ° C high temperature.The light transmittance of the glass at 550 degrees Celsius is about 90%, and its bending strength is at the higher level of 1100kg/cm2.
(3)800 degrees Celsius lens glass: this specification of lens glass is a kind of industrial lens glass with strong thermal stability, and its temperature resistance is at the level of 850-860 degrees Celsius. At present, most of the industrial production environment, have quite good use effect. At the same time, the acid and alkali resistance of the mirror glass is quite remarkable.
(4)1200 degrees Celsius view glass: 1200 degrees Celsius view glass can’t break in the high temperature of more than 1000 degrees, the structural stability is very strong, so it is widely used in high temperature requirements of the occasion, is currently a more prominent high temperature resistant view glass. At the same time, the glass of this specification is also the material with excellent electrical insulation performance at present.