Top quality of borosilicate glass and borosilicate glass tube and level gauge glass and sight glass indicator and quartz glass and cobalt blue glass supplier.

Our round sight glass,glass tube and other finished glass products often was made of below material:

1soda-lime glass-max work temperature 280 °C

2borosilicate glass- max work temperature 450 °C

3aluminum-silicate glass- max work temperature 650 °C

4glass-ceramic- max work temperature 750 °C

5quartz glass- max work temperature 1100 °C

6sapphire glass- max work temperature 2000 °C

7cobalt blue glass-flame observation

Circular sight glass is commonly used in beer, sugar, chemical, petrol and medicine pipes and flanges for observing the liquid flow and liquid level.

  • For increasing the sight glass strength, the finished glass is often to be tempered and annealed.
  • For increasing the resistance of sight glasses on the aggressiveness of the working environment and in the use of high temperatures and pressures, additional use of mica shield is recommended. If you need the mica shield, graphite gasket, asbestos gasket, pls note it.