High Thermal Conductivity Graphite Gasket

High Thermal Conductivity Graphite Gasket

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Graphite thermal conductive pad is made of graphite heat dissipation film as thermal conductive substrate, high rebound foam core as compression rebound carrier, through special wrapping and coating process.

Graphite thermal gasket because of its graphite heat dissipation film itself of high thermal conductivity, and has excellent thermal diffusion ability, can quickly heat source devices (such as chips, etc.) generated by the heat transfer through the graphite heat dissipation film surface to the heat dissipation body (such as metal shell inner wall, etc.), so as to achieve excellent heat conduction. Middle high rebound foam, soft stick, compression rebound, shock absorption and other properties.


  Graphite is used as heat conduction base material, high thermal conductivity, high heat transfer and heat dissipation efficiency

  High rebound foam gives graphite does not have the softness and compressibility, can buffer shock absorption

  Light weight, promote the lightweight machine

Can fill very large thermal interface gap;

  Can be customized size specifications, shape;

Typical applications:

Handheld electronic devices

UAV flight control module, battery, etc

LCD TV, monitor

Medical electronic equipment and instruments

Other applications with large gaps and difficult heat dissipation


Graphite thermal gasket thickness:0.5-40mm

Graphite thermal gasket width:5-40mm

Work temperature:-40 to 120 degrees

Coefficient of thermal conductivity:5~10W/m-k