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Fluorophlogopite (also known as artificial mica, synthetic mica large crystal), belongs to silicate artificial mica crystal, is in 1500 high temperature state, through strict technological conditions and material ratio, in the platinum crucible smelting mica crystal.  Its chemical formula is KMg3 (AlSi3O10) F2, without (OH) ˉ, with Fˉ (fluorine) replacing (OH) ˉ OH.  Similar to fluorite mica, natural mica is often used in general industry.  Natural mica is a kind of underground ore formed naturally, which belongs to silicate. There are many kinds of natural mica, but most of them are golden mica (tawny-colored) and white mica used in industrial production. Its ideal chemical formula is KAl2 (AlSi3O10) (OH) 2 and KMg3 (AlSi3O10) (OH) 2, with (OH) ˉ  It is because of the existence of hydroxyl (water molecule), its properties are far lower than fluorite mica. 

Fluorophlogopite Can withstand 1100 high temperature;  There is no reaction with strong acid and strong base;  Complete light transmittance (pure transparency).  

The natural mica sheet traditionally used for the observation window of water level gauge is tawny-colored, with poor light transmittance and temperature resistance ranging from 200 to 700, especially poor corrosion resistance.  The vapor water contains alkali. After the reaction of natural mica and alkali, it is easy to raise hair, hang scale and be broken through by hot water.  Make the water level meter in a short time (about 1-2 months) that is not clear water level.  It is easy to cause leakage after being broken.  Fluorite mica does not react with acid and alkali solution, and does not hydrate with water, so there is no layer, no scaling, no rupture.  In high temperature and high pressure water for a long time (2 ~ 3 years) under scouring (containing acid, alkali can be), still can basically maintain the original clarity and transparency.  It has been widely used in observation window of drum water level gauge of high pressure boiler in thermal power plant in China. 


1, excellent electrical insulation performance and high temperature resistance.

2, high frequency medium loss is low, dielectric constant is stable, not aging, not easy to break, easy to debug 

3, good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and light transmittance

4, good flatness, no adsorption impurities.

5, vacuum sealing performance is excellent

6, Physical properties: 

Fluorophlogopite is book structure, can be peeled, fully cleavage, thin can be peeled up to 0.02mm;  Very good flatness, up to atomic level;  It is not easy to produce deformation, can withstand large pressure, and has high tensile strength and compressive strength;  Not aging, not easy to break, not easy to adsorb impurities.

Fluorophlogopite max size 200x53mm or diameter 76mm,thickness from 0.02mm to 1mm.