Glass Marble,Glass Ball,Glass Bead,2mm-50mm

Glass Marble,Glass Ball,Glass Bead,2mm-50mm

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Glass marbles are small colored balls made of glass,marbles diameter is normally 10mm-5omm,glass balls are mostly pure and transparent.While some marbles have small bubbles inside, others are embedded with various patterns, like leaf petals, or meniscus, or several colored lines, often reflected in the sunlight.

Material :Sode-lime glass,Borosilicate Glass
(1).Borosilicate glass balls can withstand high thermal shock;
(2).Extend exposure to temperatures of up to 600'F(290'C)
(3).It have very high electrical resistivity and dielectric strength;
(4).It have high chemical stability, withstands high applied torque loads.


1.Children toy
2.Metering pumps,flow meters
3.Valves against strong oxidizing concentrations
4.Check valve,bearing,etc .