Liquid Reflex Level Gauge

Liquid Reflex Level Gauge

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  Liquid reflex level gauge is suitable for direct indication of the medium level in all kinds of towers, tanks, tanks, boxes and other containers. Safety steel ball is installed in the upper and lower valves of the instrument. When the glass is damaged accidentally, the steel ball can automatically close the liquid flow channel under the action of the pressure in the container to prevent the liquid from continuing to flow out. According to the principle of the connector, lead the liquid level of the medium in the container to the external glass level gauge, and read the actual height of the liquid level from the transparent glass surface. Instrument stem seal packing adopts flexible graphite pressure ring, so the sealing performance is better.

  Glass panel level gauge can be divided into: high temperature and high pressure glass panel level gauge, anti-frost type glass panel level gauge, high pressure glass panel level gauge, two-color glass panel level gauge, no blind area glass panel level gauge, high temperature glass panel level gauge, corrosion resistant glass panel level gauge, etc.

Technical parameters

Measuring range (center to center distance L mm) : 300,500,800,1100,1400,1700;

Nominal pressure: 2.5, 4.0, 6.4, 10.0, 16.0MPa;

Operating temperature: -20~380

Ball automatic closing pressure: 0.2mpa;

Heat tracing steam pressure: 0.6mpa;

Hot steam jacket joint: G 1/2" (external thread);

Liquid material: carbon steel or 1Cr18Ni9Ti

Connecting flange: JB/ T82.2-94, DN20 PN4.0 convex flange;

If other flange standards (such as GB, ANSI, HGJ) are used, please indicate when ordering.