Wafer Glass

Wafer Glass

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  Wafer glass/bonding glass/glass wafer is used in a wide variety of technical and industrial applications. Some of these applications as below:

  Semiconductors, Integrated circuit (IC) packaging, biotechnology, micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) and electronics, microlithography, anode bonded substrate, optical substrate, microsystem technology, micro mechanics, micro structure application.

Wafer material:

Pyrex 7740,Eagle xg,Borofloat,D263T,B270,H-K9L/BK7,Quartz,AF32

Processing parameters

Standard diameter (mm)

25.4; 50.8;76.2;100;125;150;200; (can be customized)

Standard inch

1’’;2’’;3’’;4’’,5’’;6’’;8’’;12’’; (can be customized)

Standard thickness(mm)

0.1;0.145;0.2;0.3;0.5;0.7;1.0;1.1;1.5; (can be customized)

Appearance inspection standard

60/40; 40/20; 20/10; (can be customized)

Surface roughness

<1.5 (can be customized)

Light transmittance

>90% (can be customized)


<0.005 (can be customized)


<0.01 (can be customized)


<0.01 (can be customized)